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AboutFace's mission is to assist the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area communities in their endeavor to maintain safe streets, fewer automobile casualties and fewer automobile deaths. We accomplish this mission by providing professional and cost-effective substance abuse services for groups and individuals along with DUI and DWI education for client groups and individuals in need of our services.

Reginald McCall, MSW, CAC 

Managing Partner

Frances McCall, MS, MBA, CAC

Managing Partner


AboutFace  was established in 2007 to provide substance abuse counseling and educational services. Over the past years, we have learned that drunk driving and substance abuse is a persistent problem in our society that can be best dealt with through a combination of public awareness, counseling and education. 

AboutFace counselors have a combined total of 35 years counseling experience. All classes are taught by Certified Addictions Counselors who perform personalized assessments with convenient Saturday and Evening classes. All classes are in close proximity to public transportation.  Immediate Certificates are available upon completion and referral services upon request.  

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The current curriculum and clinical approach employed by Aboutface DUI follows the mainstream Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach commonly found in counseling psychology, which emphasizes the recognition and awareness of one’s substance use problems and following specific prescriptions of behavioral modifications that aim at recognizing stress-provoking events and coping skills.  The current curriculum also reflects the cumulative clinical experiences and practical knowledge over the decades from our counselors and partners. 

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